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Mi casa es tu casa

The real Mexican Experience


La verdadera Cocina Mexicana

De Oaxaca Para el mundo

feel the MIAMI Sunset

Discover our roots Through an Authentic mexican experience

Who we are

We are Maíz y Agave

At Maíz y Agave, the warmth of home meets the spirit of Mexico. Step into a realm where authentic Mexican experiences are crafted with love, where stories come to life through artisanal Oaxacan cuisine, and where every craft celebrates the heart of our community.

Welcome to The Real Mexican Experience. Make a reservation and join our story.

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What we do

Our roots

At Maíz y Agave, our roots run as deep as the ancient Zapotec pyramids that stand proudly in Oaxaca's valleys. We're not just a restaurant; we're a living bridge between the vibrant heart of Mexico and the bustling streets of Miami. Our heritage is our cornerstone, shaping an authentic experience that goes beyond the plate to touch the soul.

Our Story: La Historia

"Discover 'Maíz y Agave's' journey, from the rich soils of Oaxaca to the bustling vibrancy of Miami. Our story is one of passion, tradition, and the unyielding desire to share the true essence of Mexican life and culinary artistry." Reserve Now!

The Details: Los Detalles

"At 'Maíz y Agave,' every detail is a tribute to Mexican artistry. From the bespoke décor that adorns our walls to the handcrafted utensils that grace your table, we curate an atmosphere that's as enchantingly Mexican as the cuisine we serve." Make a reservation now

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